bombshellvixxen asked:

How did you get into your major. What is your actual major and what classes did you need to take? Also, what jobs can you obtain with the degree you are seeking. I am highly interested in the Egyotian theme myself.

Heya there @bombshellvixxen

Actually, my degree majors were Psychology and International Studies, and at the same time, I also pursued a Certificate in Egyptology which is a distance learning course with University of Manchester.

With Durham University, their requirement for me to do an MA Archaeology was to actually have an honours degree - you can email them and enquire as the admin was very helpful when I was applying.

I had to take two research skill modules which were basically involved learning to do a poster/critical review/studentship application and others (for the first module) and for the second, we had the option of choosing two classes from a variety which included GIS, Artefact Cataloguing, Ceramic Cataloguing (something along that line), Access Analysis and a couple more. And the remainder of the modules are more directly related to the archaeological study of specific regions like the Near East and Egypt.

One big upside with this MA Archaeology is that because in my first term, I wasn’t too keen about the archaeology modules they were offering (the Egyptian module was only offered in the following term) I was actually given the chance to create my own module which they call ‘Guided Study Module’ and the department usually prefers if there is more than one student for this particular module but Penny, who is the lecturer in charge of everything Egyptology here in Durham, was very kind and allowed me to have a one-on-one module with her.

With an Archaeology degree, you can actually go into any career path you like - well maybe not medicine or like being an astronaut. But I’ve come to realise that with such a degree, you learn to develop your analytical skills drastically. For me personally, I would like to experience field archaeology but more importantly, work in the museum and teach (hopefully become a lecturer) in the future.

Hope this has helped. :)