The Greco-Roman museum in Alexandria, which has been hidden beneath iron scaffolding and green tarpaulin since it was closed in 2005, is to be restored.

Minister of Antiquities Mamdouh El-Damaty announced on Monday that restoration work at the museum would begin in December.

He told Ahram…


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Ankylosing spondylitis is a systemic disease that causes inflammation in the spinal joints and was thought to have affected members of the ancient Egyptian royal families. Now a new study published in Arthritis & Rheumatology, a journal of the American College of…

Anonymous asked:

Hey!! (I am sorry ahead of time if you had something like this already asked.) My dream has always been to go into Archaeology, it was also both my mom's and grandma's dream but they never fulfilled. It is coming up to the time when I have to start deciding what to do with my life and I just want to know how you are carrying out your dream? Are you scared you won't be able to find a job? I so badly want to go into archaeology but I'm also scared to.

Heya Anonymous,

It’s alright. I’ve been asked a similar question but I’m all for answering it again. :) First of, I love that the love for archaeology runs in your family. No one in my family loves archaeology or is even inclined towards history. Must be nice to be able to talk to your mom and grandma about archaeology.

Anyways, to the important questions. First, I’m always nervous about the future but I just know archaeology and I are ‘made for each other’ that it lessens my nerves about what’s going to happen in the future. I do know that I’m more inclined towards being a teacher/lecturer than a field archaeologist. If archaeology is your dream, I say go for it! My education background differs greatly from my dream but that was very much because Malaysia (which is where I’m originally from) doesn’t offer archaeology so I had to opt for my second and third subjects which I thought I liked; Law and Psychology. It turned out that I wasn’t very good at either and that just made me realise even more how much archaeology is what I really want to do in life. So I told my parents and they were and are so supportive that they supported my decision to pursue a degree and a certificate simultaneously for three years straight.

In short, GO FOR IT! If you choose to go down another path, you might very well regret it in the future. Also think “how will you feel when you’re 40 and waking up to go to work. Will you be excited to go to work? Or will you be like ‘ugh…hate my job’.”

I hope this helps. Would like to know what you decide, if you don’t mind :)

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Anyways, to all me followers, have a good week ahead. Remember to always “be yourself and remember to choose the decisions that your future self will be proud of”.

Me: I’m going to get moving on applying for jobs here and back home. Also continue me research for the potential PhD.

Take care you lot!

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