These are the days when I wish I wasn’t so far away from the bestie, just cause she’s having a bad week and I can’t do anything like drive over to her place, go for a cup of coffee or just sit down in my room in our jammies and talk.

-the arcegyptologist-

6.40 am

My favourite part about studying while the world around me is sound asleep is that quietness and peacefulness that I cannot obtain when the sun rises.

P.S. As much as I love studying in the middle of the night, I think still being wide awake past 5 am is ridiculous. That being said, I should try and go to sleep now before my sleeping pattern goes more haywire.

-the arcegyptologist-

The simple fact is that people who achieve excellence in their fields didn’t just have a dream. They got up at 4:00 am to practice on parallel bars or had to forgo other desirable activities and paths in order to get in six hours of violin practice a day, or stayed off several million absurd writing advice blogs with their overheated little cliques that dispense useless regurgitated maxims and empty praise and decide to actually confront their own thoughts on a page. Or they read Beowulf and Dante carefully and deeply when they didn’t see any point, since all they were interested in was Sylvia Plath, because someone of more experience and wisdom told them to do so. I don’t know whether we’re overly lazy, stupid, or childish these days. But the idea of preparing oneself for excellence has somehow disappeared. So – my advice to dreamers: Don’t just follow your dreams. Earn them. Do what it takes to achieve it. Work for it. Don’t just sit there and dream because if you do, it will never, ever be yours.
Harrison Solow, Don’t Follow Your Dream
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